Roofing Contractors in Orland Park Provide Guidelines on How to Achieve Safer Living

No one knows better how to secure homes, townhouses, duplexes, apartments, or condos than roofing companies such as:

Main Street Roofing – Orland Park

Are you ready to take a virtual walk through your interiors to see where you can improve safety and security in your home once it’s been built by reliable construction companies?

Follow along as we check out the following guidelines.


They are home to all sorts of things such as cars, lawn mowers, and lots of chemicals.

Look out for these in your garage:

  • Garage doors are often overlooked regarding home security. However, thieves can easily break into automatic garage doors in less than six minutes if given the opportunity.
  • Prevent intruders from gaining entry into your garage with a few tweaks. Or, better still, purchase a better garage door opener. In some cases, thieves would make their way into your home through the roofing area. All the more reason, why you should do your best to ensure you hire the experts to prevent this from occurring.
  • If you really must keep hazardous materials on-hand, store them high up on shelves and away from children and any direct heat source.
  • Do not just rely on security systems, but protect your car while it’s parked with the assistance of a steering wheel lock and car alarm.

Be sure to follow these tips about car safety and family safety too.

Without proper ventilation, toxic levels will soon build up and before long seep into your home, resulting in illness or worse. Inform yourself as well as your family about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The Laundry Room

Were you aware of the fact the average American household does more than five loads of laundry a week? As we spend so much time in the laundry room, why not be part of a safer environment by paying close attention to the following possible dangers:

If you possess a gas dryer, check and double check the hook-ups. Gas leaks often result in explosions and fires in your home should it be left to accumulate to highly concentrated levels.

Washers and dryers were the cause of more than 16,000 fires and about $240 million in property claims during 2010.

That’s because dryers tend to collect lint and lots of it. To avoid a dryer and house fire, clean your dryer lint from the trap every time you use it. Also, check the dryer vent for any excess lint once a month.

Water Hook-ups

Most homeowners neglect to shut off their water supply to the washer in between cycles. But should a pipe bursts, you can expect as much as 500 gallons of water per hour to flood your home. Be sure to monitor the drainage pipe from your washer to prevent your floor from getting soaked during wash cycles.

Get into the useful habit of checking your water hookups every month to avoid a flood worthy of an ark.

The Basement

Basements are large magnets for moisture and flooding. If you’re relocating to a new neighborhood, check your flood zones right away, so you’ll know if you need to take extra precautions to prevent your basement from turning into an indoor swimming pool.

Radon happens to be a radioactive gas that originates from the soil. What is the terrifying part is that It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and it’s virtually impossible to detect without using specialized equipment since it’s odorless and invisible?

When you’re buying or building a home, have your developer incorporate proper ventilation and sealants to keep radon out of your house.

If you already own a house, just buy a radon detector to test for radon and hire a radon remediator if levels are higher than what’s deemed safe.

Window and Door Locks

As of 2011, around 14 kids in the U.S were hospitalized every day for falls out of windows —that’s more than 5,000 per year. Unintentional falls are said to the number one cause of non-fatal injuries for kids.

Even if you already have screens placed in your windows, they are not meant to bear the weight of children or even pets. To prevent your child from falling out of an open window, get yourself good quality window locks. These easy to follow tips were kindly provided by reputed roofing contractors.

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