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Margaret Denise Quigley doesn't exactly sound like an Asian superstar. So it's perhaps fortunate that these happened to be three words that no one in Hong Kong could ever pronounce - giving birth to the abbreviated legend that is Maggie Q. It's a name to remember - on the brink of martial arts stardom oovver here, the 24-year-old model and actress is already worshipped in Asia. 'It does make it difficult to leave the house without a disguise,' she laughs. 'And the fans are pretty intense. There was this Hong Kong cop who got access to my private phone number and address and made my life a misery.. Another fan sent me a collection of photos that were a montage of theirs and mine, so in every shot it looked like we were an item. That obviously went straight up on my living room wall.'

Not that you'd be advised to take liberties with the frankly stunning star of Naked Weapon and Rush Hour 2. Accomplished in the arts of Thai boxing and tae kwon do, the diminutive powerpack is a bit tasty in more ways than one, 'I did once knock out a cameraman on set. I accidentally nailed him with a kick that sent him flying. Luckily the camera was okay.'


That's not to say she can't take it as well as dish it out, 'I got smashed in the face with a piece of two-by-four which left one side of my face completely black for two weeks. I'm also deaf in one ear where my eardrum was blown out in an explosive stunt.'
While it's true there are dairy products with better shelf lives than many Asian action film stars, the Q-meister looks set for world domination after starring with Jackie Chan in next year's Around The World In 80 Days. 'I had to film numerous scenes with Jackie and your Steve Coogan and I have to say Coogan's a comic genius. I thought he was a madman.'

But surely Coogan didn't miss the opportunity to try and jump the Q? 'No comment! I must admit I knew he was a ladies' man because I'd read some stuff about him and the ladies. But, to be honest, I laughed my ass off.'

Thankfully, despite her obvious athleticism, Maggie isn't a health freak. Indeed she smokes, drinks and parties. 'I like to have a good time,' she admits. 'I was at a party in St Tropez recently, on some rapper's boat and it was completely wild. No wonder rich people end up in clinics. Money most definitely equals debauchery. There were naked girls spraying each other with champagne and couples shagging all over the boat. No one even so much as tripped over me because I'm not blonde with huge tits so I just sat and observed. But let me tell you, watching is just as good.'



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